Hairy vultures are large vultures which are covered with shaggy fur. They have a wingspan of about 1.2m, they
have large ears and all their body except feet, beak and ears. Hairy vultures fly quite fast at about 15 km. They seem to be the Dark Master's scouts, while the huge, vicious, squirrel-like Sqogre seem to be the warriors. They are strong as one carried leslie and was about the take her away before being saved by jess.


Hairy vultures are much larger than other vultures, and have an appearance slightly similar to a griffin. They have long, curved beaks that are extremely deadly like other birds of prey. But, unlike other raptors, they have thick, shaggy, brown hair that covers almost all of their body. Hairy vultures also have extremely dark navy blue eyes, almost black in color.