Mrs. Edmunds is a music teacher at Jesse's school. She seemed to make her lessons fun and exciting. Her class enjoyed them a lot. One Saturday, Mrs. Edmunds took Jesse out to a museum which, unbeknowst to her at the time, led to Leslie's death. Mrs. Edmunds was present at Leslie's funeral . She is portrayed by well known actress Zooey Deschanel in 2007 version and by Annette O'Toole of Smallville fame in the 1985 Canadian adaptation.

Musical TalentsEdit

Mrs. Edmunds had many musical talents such as playing the guitar. and playing the piano. She was also able to sing very well.


Mrs. Edmunds seemed to be very bubbly and happy person. But when she turned up at Leslie's funeral her personality seemed to have changed completely, from being bubbly and happy to serious and sad. She is mad sometimes


"Your a really good artist"

""You're a really good artist""

"Don't let those other kids pick on you"

"Then it's an honor"