Squogres are large squirrel like creatures which serve The Dark Master. Their name is a cross between squirrel
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and ogre for two reasons: 1. They are like an ogre. 2. They are also like a boy at Jesse's school who keeps bullying him; the boy's last name is Hogre which sounds like ogre. Squogres are a bit more than a meter long and are constantly growling or snarling. They wear strange golden helms with a spike on top.

In the movie they are seen in large roving packs of up to twenty individuals. They have big bushy tails, sharp teeth and vicious claws. They also posses great physical strength (another reason for their name.) They have a habit of hiding in trees and jumping out unexpectedly. In the movie Jesse and Leslie have a close encounter with a large pack of them.

Squogres seem to be The Dark Master's warriors and the hairy vultures the scouts. They are the Terabithian equivalent of the squirrel.


Squogres are normally seen wearing armour. They have very dark brown eyes and are extremely large, over a meter in length. Squogres are covered almost completely with dark brown, shaggy, thick fur. They also have tattered ears and large teeth.